My Dream Sneakers

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Here's just my dream sneakers! I'm totally in love with the Nike ones but it's too expensive for me for the moment so for now I can just look at them. So sad, I hope soon I'll walk with them... I also love the Stan Smith ones, it's like "déjà vu" but I think it goes with everything and what I love it's the green touch. I know that there is also the same ones in red (and usually I pick the red) but this time I really prefer them in green. My love for the New Balance is new 'cause I always thought that they were so difficult to match with clothes but these black ones are just perfect in my opinion!

Which ones do you pick?


My Zara Wishlist

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Hey guys, first of all even if I'm this kind of people who don't celebrate christmas, let me wish you a merry chriiiiiiistmas! I hope you'll enjoy it with your family and with all the people you love!
Then, let me show you my wishlist special Zara. I've always been addicted to Zara I don't know why, it's like impossible to me to go out of a Zara store without buying anything... So here are the stuff that I like for the moment. As you can see I put all the links of the clothes in case you would buy them. 



Hey, yesterday my boss and I went eating some awesome burgers during our lunch pause in a resto which is called "Emile". I'm not used to eat this kind of burger (I actually always eat the ones of McDonald's --') and it was a real discovery! So if you come to Brussels, don't forget to go there!